Jessica Brown Findlay
Jessica Brown Findlay as Alysanne
Name: Alysanne
Aliases: None
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Organization: {$org}
Occupation: Lady's Maid/Servant
Rank: {$rank}
Age: 17


At five feet and five inches this young woman possesses all the poise and graceful movements one would expect of a well practiced noblewoman. Her fair skin is contrasted by the waist length dark brown, almost black, hair that lazily curls down her back. A fabric accent of woven floral designs encircles her crown is tailored to match her attire. Her vibrant blue eyes are shadowed by thick, dark eyelashes. And high cheekbones have been slapped countless of times to attain that healthy girlish blush that is so desired.

While she's not far from slender, Alysanne holds a bit of healthy weight upon her hips that are quite obvious in the garment she's chosen for today. It is a simple pale forest green dress with long sleeves and a square neckline. While the woolen fabric hugs her slender torso, no doubt made so by a cruel bodice, the bell of her dress drapes easily from the hips and towards the ground. With each step the rounded toes of brown suede slippers peek through.


Alysanne is the daughter of a Household Knight and a second cousin to Lord Hightower. She is family to the mighty Hightowers, but just barely. She was brought up with the daughters of Lord Hightower, and remained their companion through childhood. She learned how to dress ladies, and how to make them pretty, and now she serves as Lady's Maid to them. But Alysanne has not forgotten the education she learned along with the Hightower daughters. What she lacks in good breeding she hopes to make up for in grace. It is her hope that while at court in the Hightower she can meet a proper nobleman, and become his wife.


Ambitious - Isn't everyone?

Randomly sings - Some even say she has a lovely voice.

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