Character Details
Unknown as Alys Cockshaw
Name: Alys Cockshaw
Aliases: TBD
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Hightower
Occupation: Watchman
Rank: Lieutenant
Age: Feb 28 97 (23)

Lady Alys was killed in service to the Oldtown City Watch.


Standing around 5'6, Alys is built slightly more solid than your average noblewoman, but is certaily far and away from being a woman-mountain. Short red hair is cut to just a fraction above her shoulders in what is an effort to mix a respectable length with the more practical issues that arise out of her work. Her face is round, her eyes brown and her chin held up in the same safe-sure nature that dominates her stance.

Cotton tunic, arming jack, mail shirt and a harness of plate. Not perhaps your typical attire for a lady, but she wears them with practiced ease. The plate is polished steel with the arms of Old Town are clearly visible engraved onto the brest plate. There's also a red cloak, tailored to it under paldrons and other armour pieces to keep it out of the way of her arms while still allowing coverage and a hood for instances of inclemant weather. Sword belt, sword, small dagger and various pounches are also present.


Having been born the only girl in a gaggle of brother's, Alys never really managed to settle into the role of one who likes needlework and looking dainty. Pretty yes, but definitely not dainty. Having been induldged in her formative years and allowed to chase after her brothers in the mud, with sticks, it was always going to be an uphill battle to get her to sit and sew while her brothers were under the supervision of the Master at Arms. Having declared her intention, at age eight, of becoming a knight her mother officially dispared of her, but her father seemed to be under the impression that if she was humoured yet further then she'd eventually grow out of it. With her brothers being sent off to page and squire under various other knights and lords she found herself still under the tutilidge of the Master at Arms as no self respecting knight would take her on, even if her mother would have approved. Nor it seemed, were there many men rushing to court, or none at least that didn't seem to expect her to lay down her sword and immediately become a traditional lady. Seemingly thus set on the path to spinsterdom and unable to find a knight, her father caved once more and called in a few favours owed to get her a position in the City Watch.

RP Hooks

  • Female watchman


  • People Watcher
  • Songbird
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Good Night Vision

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Cousin - Quiet lad, bookish. Seems quite odd to see him set upon the knightly path now. I'll have to keep an eye and see how he progresses.


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