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Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba as Alia Sand
Name: Alia Sand
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: Dorne
Organization: House Martell
Occupation: Perve
Rank: Bastard
Age: Sep 16 102 (18)



Though Amarei's Prince-Consort fathered many of her children, he did not — not that he minded, given their long-bonded affection — father them all. Her daughter Ellia was still learning to walk, when Alia Sand made her screaming entrance into this world. Her father is an Orphan of the Greenblood, dedicated to rowing his raft up and down the wide river that cracks through the red sands of Dorne below Sunspear and above Lemonwood; it were mere chance that brought Alia's parents together the night she were conceived in Planky Town, but love that saw them sporadically together over the next decades.

Named so for her trueborn sister born closest in age, Alia spent her formative years in Sunspear, blissfully indulged in the company of her trueborn siblings and those of many other noble Houses of Dorne. It was on the beach here that she shared her first kiss: with another little girl, not a boy. Many more innocent flings would follow upon the sand, though Alia's attendance was sporadic; twice, during her formative childhood, her father sent word and returned for her, claiming his daughter for a journey atop the rafts with her people of the Mother Rhoyne.

Always reluctant to give up her play-paramours, it was at least easy for Alia to forget them as she drifted up and down the wide river, poled along by her kin. Their boats were wonderfully carved and painted, and repainted when the sand and the salt would wear and weather them. Mermaids and fishes and serpents unknown were carved as the tillers of her people's boats, their decks cluttered with the debris of their lives, and lanterns to swing fore and aft to keep their bearing.

Having played and picked her way through a mixed bag of childhood, it would be Sunspear and her trueborn family who would shape her later years. There were girls better-born than she, and far prettier besides, but she settled into a delicate rhythm at court, unafraid and unbowed. A slave to her senses, even in Dorne there were undoubtedly detractors for the bold bastard-born woman, but she paid them no mind, secure in her mother's favor. Come the latest troubles in the Reach, with several of her trueborn kin stationed in Oldtown for various reasons… Alia comes, not to save, nor to salvage; most likely, to sin.

RP Hooks

Dornish: Along with many years spent at court at Sunspear, Alia travelled the length of the Greenblood in her childhood, and may have made friends (or enemies) along the way.

Rhoynish: Fathered by one of the Dornishmen who still cling to the remnants of Nymeria's burned ships, she speaks Rhoynish and practices many of their customs.

A lover, and a fighter: Though she is no great hand with a sword, Alia can hold her own in a brawl. Those close-contact skills serve her well in the bedroom, too, and she is well-known to have an insatiable sexual appetite.

Good with animals: Though she's no dragon-whisperer, Alia has a confidence and natural affinity with animals. She's a great rider. (No pun, guys. No pun.)

Poison Vs Healing: If you have need of either, she knows both.


  • Difficult to Offend
  • Hypersexual
  • Sensory Sensitivity
  • Sweatshirt Queen
  • Wealth: Comfortable

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