Alaura returned to Highgarden to escape the Black Sickness.

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Maia Mitchell
Maia Mitchell as Lady Alaura Tyrell
Name: Lady Alaura Tyrell
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Occupation: Noblewoman
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Age: 16


Standing slightly under five foot, this young woman seems to be no more then sixteen years of age. A young woman in full bloom. Her oval-shaped face is framed by dark umber coloured locks that fall in loose curls down her back, ending just shy of her mid-back. Her body is slim and firm, rather well proportioned. Her eyes are the colour of emeralds, hidden under long thick eyelashes. The young woman's smooth skin is creamy. Her face is accented by full pink lips, and a small pert nose. Around her slender throat she wears a green ribbon choker with a gold pendant in the shape of the Tyrell Sigil dangling from a gold ring. She wears over her small body a full length green dress of fine cut, and fine silk. It fits tight across the swell of her full bust. The bodice is modestly cut, showing only a bit of her smooth pale skin. The long full sleeves are dagged trailing almost to the ground, hiding her hands. It is tapered at the waist, accenting her lush hips, and then moving down into slender skirts, which drag the ground. Accenting her slender waist is a rope of gold, with princess cut emeralds embedded in precious metal it hangs down almost to her knees in the front once wrapped around her slender form. Her small feet, when seen, are bedecked with green shoes made of kid, hard soles protect her petite feet from the rough ground.


Alaura was born to the Lord and Lady of Tyrell, and unlike her big brother Alaura was raised by Septas. She was given lessons on what a young Lady would need. She was taught how to do needle work, and how to praise the Seven, how to run a House, to read and write, sing and dance. Ride horses, and hawking, and her favorite, how to tend the beautiful flowers of Highgarden. When Alaura was a young girl she was betrothed to a Lannister, but the Lord was killed in a hunting accident and she has yet to be betrothed again.


  • Nieve
  • Phobia: Snakes
  • Soft Hearted

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Big Brother: Alaura loves her big brother, even if he likes his wenching he is still Alaura's hero.


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