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Emanuela de Paula
Emanuela de Paula as Alaeyna Fowler
Name: Alaeyna Fowler
Aliases: The Fury of Skyreach
Faction: Dorne
Organization: House Fowler
Occupation: Head of House
Rank: Lady Fowler
Age: Nov 22 93 (28)


This Dornishwoman has dark hair, fierce eyes and dusky skin bronzed by the sun. She wears loose, flowing layers of copper-colored silk under a fitted leather bodice, shod in sandals laced up to her knees. Her bare arms, corded with muscle, are ringed with hammered metal bands at the wrists and biceps both, her shoulders shielded from the sun by a fine cloak the color of molten gold. Around her slender neck she wears a curved talon on a leather cord, its point as keen as a razor.


Alaeyna Fowler was born to the Warden of the Prince's Pass, Ferran Fowler, and his consort, Sabela Dayne.

Though she and her two younger siblings were born relatively close in age, she was the eldest, and House Fowler keeps the Rhoynar traditions over the Andal ones. She was accordingly raised to one day inherit the head of the household, which she since has, and was groomed for the position as the rest of Westeros might train a first-born son. She began to ride from a young age and learned to wield a spear, one of the favored weapons of the Dornish. Once her skill on horseback allowed it, she was also trained to throw from the saddle. Over the years, her father took care to involve her in strategic roundtable discussions among his peers to sharpen her mind for the stratagems that are crucial to the protection of Dorne against threats from the north. She was tutored in the history of the Dornish people and their land, instruction that included developing practical skills like navigating the harsh, dusty countryside and tracking prey through the sand.

On her sixteenth nameday, Alaeyna was gifted with her first hawk, a traditional gift in House Fowler, and was taught how to bond with and work the animal, developing the relationship to allow for both recreational hunting and for the elimination of threats lurking in the Dornish dunes, like poisonous vipers.

Alaeyna's beauty ripened with age. At the age of twenty, she caught the eye of Amarei Martell's Prince Consort during a stay at their court at Sunspear, the attention he paid her inflaming the jealousy of one of his long-time lovers. Alaeyna was challenged to a knife fight for the prince's favor and won, securing her place as one of his preferred paramours. The pair have a child, now aged eight, who is presently fostered at Sunspear. Though the governance of her house does not allow Alaeyna to spend as much time as she once did at Sunspear, there remains a special fondness between she and the Prince Consort.

Though her father arranged for several Dornish lords to attend Skyreach over the years to court his daughter, no match of marriage ever resulted.

RP Hooks

Head of the House: Alaeyna represents the interests of House Fowler, and with siblings to spare could be contracted to discuss marriage alliances, or whatever other matters of trade or strategy might arise. Though she is herself unwed, efforts to secure her hand are doomed to fail.


  • Plenty of Paramours
  • Spearmaiden
  • Lady of the House
  • Wealth: Comfortable

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Dragon - The Prince of Ashes has taken up residence at Skyreach, throwing the hierarchy of Alaeyna's panoply of lovers into question.


Lover - "He is a prince of Dorne. Girl and boys will line up to fuck him until the day he dies."


Liege - History. They have it. Alaeyna is a Martell loyalist, and if there were anything she'd not do for Torren on account of his being Amarei's heir, she'd do it for sheer affection of him.


Cousin - One of Alaeyna's most delightful, amusing cousins.


Dragon - Against all odds, Visenya has begun to grow on her.

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