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Eija Skarsgard
Eija Skarsgard as Ainsley Blackwood
Name: Ainsley Blackwood
Aliases: Aine
Faction: The Riverlands
Organization: House Blackwood
Occupation: Noblewoman
Rank: Noble Lady
Age: Apr 21 103 (18)


A delicate young woman, at least in appearance, Ainsley is a long-limbed, pale-skinned girl. Her oval face is frame by dark brown hair that's most commonly pulled back into a braid or coiled up at the nape of her neck. Beneath a high forehead and fine, arching brows, wide almond eyes are a cool, vibrant blue. Her nose is small and pert, and her full lips are a pale pink.

At a few inches over five feet, Ainsley isn't very tall, though her lean, lithe frame gives her a willowy appearance despite her small stature. Most commonly, she favors fine gowns that are fashionable enough and are composed of reds, blacks, whites and grays. When she has occasion to go hunting or hawking, she eschews gowns all together for a tunic, a pair of breeches, sturdy boots and a cape.


There is a certain fire and stubbornness in the Blackwood line: some tangled combination of pride in their ancestry and bitterness that they are no longer what they once were. It is a trait that has not been much tempered in Ainsley Blackwood, despite being female and so, ostensibly, prone to gentler behavior and finer manners.

The daughter of Derfel and Onnen Blackwood, with only a pair of brothers to model herself after (and eventually little Benjicot, born a number of years later), Ainsley was bound and determined to keep pace with her siblings, whether they wanted her company or not. She deeply admired her stoic and distant father for his wisdom (so she believed) and his devotion to the Old Gods. She always felt less attached to her mother; a woman of Mallister stock and a follower of the Seven. Even if Onnen didn't push her faith on her children (not that Derfel would have allowed it), their diverging opinions built a small fissure between mother and daughter that would slowly widen into a chasm.

Tewdric was often too busy with obligations or duties and shooed his sister away, so it was Riderch, younger than Tewdric by several years, who most often had Ainsley tagging along and insisting whatever Riderch wished to do with his day, Ainsley could do it just as well. Credit where credit is due, even if she was mostly bluff in the beginning, she was a quick and eager study. In time she became a competent, then an impressive, archer, and she had a natural talent with the hunting birds mewed at Raventree Hall. It was not so very long before Ainsley was keeping pace with Riderch, at least when it came to sport.

When she was thirteen, Ainsley was given a female gyrfalcon hatchling, Esra, to raise and train as her own hunting bird. The pair forged a bond of mutual respect (and a shared love of pheasant) and perhaps even affection, in its way. Certainly, they were remarkably in tune when the gyrfalcon hunted; the bird never straying from her high, elegant circling flight above their heads nor neglecting to return to her mistress once the hunt was concluded. As Ainsley grew, her bond with Esra grew as well, and despite her youth, she has become one of the most adept falconers in the whole of her family.

Ainsley could also be studious, so long as the topic held her interest, and she has a deep fascination with the history of her house and the tales and legends of the First Men and the Children of the Forest. She has read whatever books or parchments she could get her hands on concerning these topics, and often pestered the Raventree Hall maester to help her seek out more. She is a proud follower of the Old Gods and a believer that whatever divinity may be found in this world will be found in mud and plants and the patterns of life, rather than a collection of idols perched on pedestals. She and Riderch had a period of falling out when she learned her favorite brother had betrayed their bloodline and customs and sworn himself as a knight and thus a follower of The Seven.

Such contention was put aside when Tewdric returned home from a ride out to run off some raiders, grievously wounded. As days became weeks and Tewdric's wound putrified, Ainsley did all she could to help the maester treat her brother. She even suggested some poultices and herbal combinations she had uncovered in her studies of the Old Ways, but the maester dismissed them, choosing to rely on his own experience and training when trying to save the life of a dying heir. Whether or not Ainsley's ideas would have been beneficial, who can say, though to this day she quietly blames Tewdric's death on the maester's unwillingness to at least try.

With Riderch left as the heir of House Blackwood, Ainsley pressed her brother to renounce the Seven and his vows. How would it look, after all, if the next Lord Blackwood was a ser who prayed at the altar of the new gods? Why, they'd be no better than Brackens! While Riderch would not revoke his vows, as they were as much tied to his complicated views of honor and religion as the Old Gods, he did, at least, privately re-swear his oaths to Raventree Hall's corpse of a Weirwood. It was not ideal, in Ainsley's opinion, but it would do.

Now eighteen, Ainsley is of marriageable age and determined not to let herself become a mere housekeeper and bedwarmer for some dreary, seven-worshipping lordling. Or if, for the sake of her family, she absolutely must resign herself to such a fate, she longs to taste more of the world before she's set in such a gilded cage. To that end, when the opportunity arose for her to travel with her mother to visit Riderch in Oldtown, she took it. Unbeknown to Lady Onnen, Ainsley has no intention of returning immediately home.

RP Hooks

Self-Directed Student - Ainsley is used to doing as she likes, within reason. To that end, when something grabs her interest, she will often pursue the topic doggedly, seeking out writings on the issue as well as persons with knowledge on the subject.

Avid Hunter - Ainsley enjoys hunting, whether with her gyrfalcon or with her bow. Being a lady, she tends to need a companion or two to come along if she wants her hobby to remain respectable.

Bloodline Snob - The Blackwoods are descendants of kings, and they alone, among the southern houses, have not forgotten their religion or their roots. Ainsley is ever so proud of her heritage and traditions.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Opinionated
  • Proud
  • Idealist
  • Old Gods
  • Way With Animals

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Favorite Brother - Riderch was one of Ainsley's dearest friends and the brother she pestered spent the most time with, growing up. It was a hard blow to her, and one she took very personally, when Riderch allowed himself to be knighted as a servant of the Seven. Now that he is the Young Lord of House Blackwood, it is even more pressing to Ainsley that he renounce such wretched vows and let it be publicly known that he serves only the Old Gods as his father does and his father before him and every Lord Blackwood prior.


Bastard Brother - Ainsley knew of Jorah Rivers and has a few hazy recollections of his visiting Raventree Hall when she was a child. But, she never really knew much of the man, himself, save that he existed. Now, she knows he's bodily scarred from years of fighting and has habits that make him better company for Wildlings than civilized peoples. It is unclear whether this is something Ainsley appreciates or dislikes about the man.


Father - Derfel Blackwood is a distant and aloof man that takes pride in his heritage and the traditions of his line. Ainsley greatly admires him for his principles, and if this admiration hasn't garnered her much attention from her father, she would still defend him against any who would call him cold or lacking in compassion.


Mother - Onnen Blackwood was a Mallister by birth, and Ainsley resents that her mother follows the Seven and their ways, if only privately. Though Onnen has made no attempt to convert any of her children, the functional but loveless marriage between she and Derfel, and Ainsley's youth and natural inclination towards headstrong behavior has put mother and daughter at odds, more often than not.


Oldest Brother (deceased) - Ainsley always considered Tewdric to be a bit weak and, well, poncey. But he was a good man, kind and loyal to his family. If he would have made an unremarkable Lord Blackwood, neither would he have upended their lineage. He was Ainsley's brother and she loved him. It was one of the more painful experiences of her young life, watching him sicken, suffer and die.


Littlest Brother - Ainsley loves little Benjicot, and she's happy enough to spend an afternoon fishing with him or trying to catch snakes and lizards. But she is a lady grown, with many important things to do, so being expected to babysit, on occasion, is the woooooooorst.

Everyone Else


The Shadowcat - Ainsley was rather pleased to meet Carolis as the fellow seems a cheerful and learned sort who also happens to follow the right gods. He is also, possibly, a bit of a brat, but who is Ainsley to judge?


Quiet Stark - A softspoken and gentle-seeming fellow, Ainsley has quite enjoyed Andolin's company on the occasions she has had it.


Sullen Snow - The man doesn't often crack a smile, but he does seem to share a love of predatory birds and a certain… something which feels oddly familiar.


Spoiled Dragon - Wounding kin, by intent or happenstance, is the surest way to make an enemy of Ainsley Blackwood.


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