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Alexander Ludwig
Alexander Ludwig as Aesc Harlaw
Name: Aesc Harlaw
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: The Iron Islands
Organization: House Harlaw
Occupation: Reaver
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Oct 27 104 (17)


A young man stands here, fair skin well-tanned, standing tall at six foot two with a somewhat youthful complexion. He is a well-built lad, broad in shoulder and strong in arm with tough-looking hands. Despite this, he does not appear to be overly buff, instead leaning over into the athletic range, threaded with fine muscle. He has a head of short blonde hair that is shaven at the back, whilst at the front his hair appears to be fairly spiky and swept aside, certainly a raider's haircut. His eyes are deep-set, a pale, or bright blue color, light brows set low above his eyes and lightly furrowed. He has strong, lightly-squared facial features with a fine jawline and broad chin, which rests beneath colorful lips and a pointed nose that it slightly up-turned.

He wears a simple black sleeveless doublet over a long-sleeved baggy white shirt, his pants a simple black, sturdy-looking with a pocket at either thigh. His black leather boots are laced up firmly and reach a ways up his calf, whilst at his left side a longsword appears to be sheathed in a somewhat rugged-looking and chipped brown leather sheathe.


Born on the year 122, October the 27th, Aesc is the third youngest son of Leofsige Harlaw, chosen as heir to his House despite having three older brothers. He was raised in the castle of Ten Towers and the surrounding areas, and being one of the youngest sons, had a somewhat disproportionate amount of freedom in comparison to his older brothers. He was seen as the wild-child of the family, almost never at home even as a child, exploring Harlaw amongst commoners.

On his sixteenth birthday he was offered a vessel, and a crew by his father, which he accepted gratefully, almost immediately beginning to plan raids on Westeros' shores. Raid he did, and very successfully, sacking a good few villages north and south of Lannisport.

After the raids, Aesc retreated back to the Iron Islands with plentiful spoils, which he displayed to his father and his father's vassals, earning himself a name amongst the nobility. A few months later, he began to further sail amongst the Iron Islands, and introduced himself to the powers there, building relations, with his fellow Ironborn, largely successfully.

A few months passed before Aesc once more set off for raiding, splitting from his fellow Ironborn and launching a series of raids on the pirate dens of the Stepstones, something that took far longer than his previous reaving. Still, he largely succeeded, disturbing the pirates in the area, and then eventually heading back to Harlaw with his spoils. Upon returning, and displaying what he had won, Aesc was named heir of Harlaw by his father, which was a bit of a surprise considering his two older brothers, but not entirely unexpected, considering how he has impressed his father over the years.

Shortly thereafter, Aesc set off on his longboat once more for some simple travelling along the western shores of the mainland, until heading towards Oldtown at his fathers behest, where he would stay for some time.

RP Hooks

Ironborn Nobility - Some may not think the words 'Ironborn' and 'Noble' go together, but Aesc certainly is those two things. Perhaps a curious noble wishes to meet him? Or a thief thinks they have found an easy, youthful target, or a simple farmer wants to have a plain ol' conversation - Aesc's game.
Wanderlust - Got some tales of crazy shit in far-off lands? Aesc wants to hear them.
Boat Fetish - Aesc likes him some boats. Do you have a boat? Aesc has a boat.
You punch me, I punch you - Violence may not solve all problems, but it certainly solves a lot of them. As it turns out, it is also quite fun.
"I know you" - Young as he may be, Aesc has already launched raids against Westerosi shores, as well as along the Stepstones against the pirate dens there. Perhaps your character was there to experience these raids, or knows of them through someone else. Maybe Aesc's meddling with the pirate dens disrupted trade, or you were one of the (numerous) survivors of his raids near Lannisport.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Stubborn
  • Confident
  • Prodigal Son
  • Son of a Concubine
  • Iron Stomach

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Father - My father, and the man I respect above all else, despite his age.


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