The Burnt Dragon
Joe Manganiello
Joe Manganiello as Aerys Targaryen
Name: Aerys Targaryen
Aliases: Aerys Brightfyre, The Burnt Dragon,
Faction: The Crownlands
Organization: House Targaryen
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Prince
Age: Jun 28 76 (44)


6'4 places this man as tall-and his body show no signs of age-but rather the lines of chorded muscle at arms and legs, and a slim torso. A web of scars makes his back a rather interesting map to behold, where as on his left arm, close to his heart he has inked in a falling bird, and a star of the seven. He holds a strong jaw, where a well kept and clean beard of peppered hair resides. His hawk-like nose, shows signs of being broken once. His hair is the Black, like long dead thorns, with streaks of Valryian blonde and grey swept through. Violet eyes are flanked by crows feet in their earliest stages, where as his mouth holds laugh lines, slightly hidden by beard, giving him an aged attractiveness.

A red tunic is worn under black vest of studded armor make. Over this a leather traveling coat of black is worn, with crimson lining the inside. Bright gold buckles help to fashion it, as black studded gauntlets rest over his hands. A sword belt is worn about his waist, where a fine hand and half blade keeps it's home in a fine sheathe- a Dragon's hed at the pommel. Hips are covered in sable trousers, which show from black boots. Gold spurs bedeck his boots and finish off the ensemble.


Born a cousin to the King, and grandson of the Old King has it's perks. Of one, the young lad, was able to be raised on Dragonstone-and there was a time that it was thought, that Aerys would be a dragonrider yet-as there was a clutch and he had eyes set on prized egg. Though his dragon died in the hatching, and other poor luck befell him. In tussling with other squires he found himself outnumbered and overwhelmed and thrown into a fireplace, great-big and black. He was burnt along his back-and yet managed to live. A stroke of luck-and strong belief in the seven was wrought that day. As for his fellow squires no word was made as to whom started or did the deed. A common boy was flogged, and much later one of those; a cousin found himself crippled after a joust against Aerys in their young adulthood.

He was squired under velaryon colours, and knighted in a ceremony on Dragonstone-a proud moment for him and his Prince father, as it was seen as a culmination of training and proof of his worthiness to have been spared by the Seven.

Aerys left to make a name for himself amongst the tournaments in the Kingdoms, being known as a fine fighter in the melees and a decent jouster. he had earned the name of Aerys Brightfyre, and his sigil as such was the common red dragons of House Targaryen ringed in flame. Though known of his scars-he was also unkindly known as the Burnt Dragon.

He took a young wife-a bride of Arryn, and she bore him two sons, who now reside at Dragonstone, and one girl. Then, as frail as a bird she was, she passed on. Breaking his heart, as early into their marriage she left, Aerys took to drink, and himself became something of a worse knight and worse sight. Some words were spoken, and he agreed, his life needed be on track-and so he left first to Braavos for a time, and then to the stepstones, where his anger at the seven could be poured out into the petty wars of tenpenny kings and would be conquerors. Here he found the company of many different women, and left bastards scattered like pebbles along the shores and rocky places.

When he finally returned he was deemed out of malaise-and the better for it. In his absence though he developed a love of drink and spent his time sowing Storms, flowers, and Waters in towns and holdfasts where there tournaments. He was recalled to the Red Keep, there to set on a fat parcel of squires and see to more pressing needs of the kingdom. He would go out much to help settle disputes-and in sometime enforce the King's Peace.

Most recently it was made known to him that he should take time to find a second wife-and help strengthen the peace-this time it was Oldtown that was his destination. Away from wagging tongues in Dragonstone and King's Landing. it would prove choice. And the fact that there was a Velaryon party there left to keep what the Queen who Never Was set. Oldtown suits Aerys. They have Arbor red, and Dornish sweet wines there.

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  • Blood of The Dragon
  • Known Lush
  • The Burnt Dragon
  • Wealth:Opulent
  • Religious
  • Honor code



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