"Valar Dohaeris"
Chris Evans
Chris Evans as Prince Aeron Targaryen
Name: Prince Aeron Targaryen
Aliases: Aeron, The Arm, Zaldrizes
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Occupation: Prince
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Age: 22


Tall with broad shoulders, Aeron's robust frame is frequently complemented with a roguish smile. His build is quite solid and muscular, alluding to a life of well-fed physical exertion. Silvery-blonde hair is close cropped in a soldier's fashion and its bright color contrasts with lightly tanned skin. Aeron's pleasant visage and violet eyes mark him as a member of the Targaryen family.

Background Summary

Aeron fancies himself more of a warrior, than a nobleman, and interested more in physical than scholarly pursuits. After serving as a page, it was intended he squire and become anointed into knighthood. Instead, he ran away and joined up with sellsword companies for several years, most notably the Second Sons, before his family forcibly brought him back home. He has been dispatched to Oldtown to watch over his cousin Igdannha, with the hopes her propriety and virtuousness will rub off on him.


  • A Woman in Every Port

A taste he acquired while a sellsword, instead of overindulging in drink, Aeron chooses women as his vice.

  • Casually Informal

Much to the dismay of his family, Aeron usually neglects formalities and often engages in topics of conversation that are not always appropriate to the setting.

  • Imaginary Friend

Aeron's not the one who's loony, it's everyone else that can't see his companion who's nutters.

  • Reveler

Aeron seldom turns down an invitation to a feast or celebration and has no inhibitions against enjoying himself fully. He's also quite the dancer.

  • Worldly

Although relatively young, Aeron has seen and experienced much of Westeros and Essos.

IC Events



The bastard son he always wanted, but never had (that he knows of).


More drinking, less cats.


His delicate cousin that will one day be proud of him.


He's not the crown prince, but she always makes him feel like he is.


The friend of my friend and my other friend and their friend is also my friend.


Amazing how the littlest things can make the biggest impacts.


If she was a he, they'd probably end up best friends.


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