Character Details
Jesse Plemons
Jesse Plemons as Aegon Targaryen
Name: Aegon Targaryen
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: The Crownlands
Organization: House Targaryen
Occupation: Squire
Rank: Prince
Age: May 22 104 (16)


Like most of the Targaryens, Aegon has silvery-gold hair. He keeps his short and kind of scruffy. His small eyes tend towards hazel rather than violet, and his face is a collection of blunt chiselled features, a prominent fore and chin with a wide nose between them. His facial hair is patchy at best, valiant efforts at a five o'clock shadow culminating in a pathetic teenage display. He is not a ripple-muscled, scarred teenage prodigy, sorry ladies, nor is he seven foot tall.

Aegon dresses however he pleases, varying from boiled leather and mismatched maile to courtly finery. He does not have more than one blade.



Ambitious. Charistmatic. Commanding.

A conqueror.

It's no wonder that Targaryen women are fond of bestowing such a name on their sons; this must be Aegon the 387423476th, which is coincidentally about where he stands in the line of succession to the Iron Throne of Westeros. He might be mad, he might be great, but he will never be King, alas.

A bookish lad, young Aegon has always had a Valyrian-born's obsession with magic and dragons, and fire. Always fire. The last born in a slew of silver-and-gold-haired brothers and sisters, it was easy for him to lose himself for days on end studying these things, pilfering the knowlege he seeks from a thousand books.

But duty calls, and upon realising (a little late, mind) that Aegon lacked for any martial instruction on Dragonstone, he was thrust forth after his cousin Aevander, to serve as squire. A bit of an afterthought, as has always been the case, but nevertheless he is here!

RP Hooks

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  • Blood of the Dragon
  • Pursuit of Knowledge
  • Pyromaniac
  • Wants A Dragon's Egg
  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Heat Resistant

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Knight - I think he will tolerate me. This whole arrangement feels weird.


Cousin - Visenya's twin, we have an understanding. I like this guy.


Cousin - The Unburnt. Easier to get alon with than most.


Cousin - She likes the fire too, I saw it. Daevon's twin.


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