Actor Suggestions

Tricks for using these pages: Right click on any picture you are interested in and Open in New Tab. This will provide the actor name rather plainly in the address of the new tabbed page. Also, with many browsers if you mouse-over the picture it will display the link of the picture somewhere on the browser, which will also include the actor name (sometimes you need to delay a few seconds for the entire file name to appear).

If a character is used/taken, please click the Files link to see the file list. Find the image file and click Options, then Move. In the Destination Page box, type "Used-Actors" and click Move. This will moved the file to the appropriate wiki page.

All images in the galleries on both pages are staff-approved pictures that are ready for a character page. Simply save the picture to your computer, then go to your character's wiki page, upload the picture and rename it to "<CharacterName>_01.jpg" and it will be ready to display! This filename is what is compatible with the in game +wiki command.

If you have a Actor/Actress you would like to pitch, please go to the Actor Pitch page. Please follow the directions there on that page. Thank you!

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