Character Details
Forrest Griffin
Forrest Griffin as Abram Florent
Name: Abram Florent
Aliases: The Knight of Derring Downs
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Florent
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Minor Noble Lord
Age: Sep 22 87 (33)


Abram stands near six feet in height, lean and hungry of build. An oft-battered face carries lines from both smiles and scars, a flat nose and pointed chin mark an otherwise squarish face. One cannot avoid noticing the distinctive Florent ears. Dark brown hair is worn short atop the head and clean shaven on the jaw.

His sleeved doublet is of slashed green and blue, drawn in at the waist by a white leather swordbelt bearing a longsword decorated with a gilt pommel. Riding boots are ornamented at the heels with golden spurs, while a ring on his small finger shows the fox and flowers crest of the Florents.


Abram Florent knows he comes from a proud and ancient lineage of royalty, the Lord's of Brightwater Keep owning the purest line of descent from the Gardener kings in all the Reach. He isn't as clear on all the minor details in between past centuries and the present day, but even if he does hail from a junior branch of the family, Abram's father was very clear that the Florents are more legitimate heirs of the Gardeners than are the Tyrells. Of course, since Targaryens rule the Reach, not the Gardeners, the only value of such a distinction is pride, but even should he never inherit anything more, he has inherited the Florent-Tyrell rivalry.

A cousin to the ruling line, Abram's lot from youth was to seek knighthood and bring enough glory to his family that he could secure a marriage that would restore the junior Florents to the ranks of the landed nobility, rather than existing merely as glorified houseguests. Unfortunately, in his youth Abram relished the luxurious life of a glorified houseguest, devoting more time to hunting game and young ladies than to his studies. He was a squire for a few years longer than was becoming, and met no real success on the tournament circuit after being knighted.

Little changed until his thirtieth year, in which a minor border skirmish broke out with Dorne. Lacking anything better to do, he rode along, expecting a place of significance in the Van. Instead, he was assigned to the Outriders under the command of an older hedge knight. Abram bemoaned his luck, all because the petty Tyrell commander was holding a grudge. You seduce one lord's sister, and there is no end to it! He ventured into the Dornish marches as a proud fool among the scouts and very nearly died for it in his first skirmish. The Dornish were canny foes in their own lands, and through brutal experience he learned of the Dornish talent for ambush and deception. Learning from the battle scarred veterans who survived among the Outriders, Abram began to like the taste of campaign; the exhilaration of life and death eclipsed his old fondness for hunting and hawking. But then peace broke out and the border war was ruined. Even worse, all the glory went to the Tyrells.

The old lifestyle of hunting, drinking, and wenching had lost most of its luster, and after a pair of painfully boring years spent moping around Brightwater Keep, Abram resolved to venture out and find a change of scenery, narrowly missing the Festival of the Dolphins tournament in Oldtown due to delays on the road.

He became drawn into events following the massacre at Wickham's Nest, and the subsequent raid on the Red Rookery, ultimately standing in a Trial of the Seven. The Accused were victorious and Abram won the ransom of the infamous Prince of Ashes, Maelys Targaryen. With this newfound wealth, he purchased the small fief of the Derring Downs from the Osgrey family, earning a new rank as the Knight of the Derring Downs, and establishing a cadet branch of House Florent.

Upon return to Oldtown, he again became the subject of a minor scandal, challenging and dueling the 'Grey Lion', Ser Dresden Reyne over the hand of the Westerland knight's fiancee, Lady Valerity Redwyne. Victorious at arms, the newly sworn Knight of Derring Downs was betrothed to the Lady Valerity the next day.

RP Hooks

Old Rivalry: Abram has run into several Tyrell knights over the years at various tournaments, where he didn't tend to fare very well, losing more often than he won.

Veteran of the Marches: Any others who have fought on either side of the Dornish skirmishes might recall Abram from campaign, where he fought among the Reach's Outriders.

Avid Hunter: With little else to occupy him, Abram is reputed to be an excellent hunter, whether with spear, hounds, or hawks. He is known to have an excellent eye, especially for quality in raptors.

Lords Errant: One of the Reachlords who investigated the massacre at Wickham's Nest, later being accused of the bloody raid on the Red Rookery and fighting in the Trial of the Seven.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Gloryhound
  • Irreverent Humor
  • Rivalry: Tyrells
  • Veteran

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Squire - ….Bloody teenagers.


Unlikely Heir - I feel rather badly for the young man, his elevated station comes at the expense of two and a half of his elder brothers. That said, he's leagues smarter than his elders, and the old family will be better served with him next in line.


Favorite Cousin - A clever young lady, of commendable faithfulness to our family. Another of the women in my life who seem to be wittier than me.


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